I contradict myself way too much. I’m my own worse enemy. But yet I’m in love with how I’ve become. Wtf

I strongly dislike The Beatles. More of The Doors typa gal. Fuck being happy, hug flowers and all that bullshit. I like that booze, drugs. I like the truth of the world. The escape, from how fucked up it is. Perception. The ability to see shit the way it truly is, fucked up.


i’m interesting

Although I believe in God, I have no use for an organized religion.

30. September 2014

I just realized I’m very content with myself, within myself, content all around. Thinking back I’ve come a long way. I’m taking risks, best decision thus far.

Being Native American gives me perspectives on my surroundings, I’m not sure if seeing things the way I’m starting too, or have been is good. But good no longer exists in my perspective(s), so to say. Wtf am I saying? Damn the coffee was strong today.

Powwow season is amazing.


My wild love went ridin’
She rode all the day
She wrote to the devil
And asked him to pay


The American Night: The Writings of Jim Morrison, Vol. 2